We typically release the next Beerleader date approximately 4 weeks prior to each brew day - if you'd like to be the first to know when we announce these dates, join this Beerleader-specific info list.

Thank you!


  • Full brew day at Bagby Beer Company

  • Welcome coffee and a light breakfast

  • Lunch and a Beer

  • Tasting Flight

  • ‘Shift’ Beer at conclusion of brew day

  • Beerleader logo glass

  • Beerleader logo tee

  • 50% discount on Beerleader beers when poured in Beerleader glass, when on tap at Bagby Beer (up to two per visit)


Being a Beerleader is a unique and special opportunity to experience all the fun and interesting aspects of making beer – from recipe formulation to fermentation, and everything in between - participants will have complete access during a full brew day at Bagby Beer Company – side by side with our award-winning and accomplished owner and head brewer, Jeff Bagby – to see, feel, smell, and taste all that goes in to making a batch of beer, from raw ingredients to the glass.


  • recipe design, grain varieties, milling, and storage

  • mash in, water temperature, mixing process, and rest

  • underletting, vorlauf, and lauter

  • hop selection, hop format, and hop addition timing

  • kettle, whirlpool, heat exchange

  • fermentation and yeast handling

  • brewery equipment and brewing system design


Beyond the brewing process, Beerleaders will be showered with information regarding the history and context of beer styles, beer naming and marketing considerations, beer tasting techniques, food and beer pairing, as well as the challenges and rewards of the business of craft beer. Group size is severely limited to allow a personal, hands-on experience.


Perfect for those new to beer or those who have always wanted to peel back the curtain and spend some time in a working brewery, Beerleaders will conclude their day having a genuine understanding of and appreciation for the brewing process and an new or renewed appreciation for beer itself. Each guest will be enriched by the depth and quality of information provided throughout this fun, thorough day in the brewery. 


Unfortunately, all ticket sales are final, and attendance is not transferrable to another Beerleader date.  Please make every effort to be here, it's a pretty awesome day! For more fine print, check out the FAQs!


What if I can’t go, can I get a refund? Unfortunately not.

Can I just get moved to another class if it turns out I can't make it? Sorry, no.

I just got a ticket, what's next? We will send you an email about a week before the brew day with some information and possible beer styles. Then you'll get another note a day or two before the brew day announcing the style and providing some day-of tips. Please watch your email inbox for these notes!

Do I have to be 21 years of age? Yes. You must bring your valid ID.

Do I really have to be there at 730AM? Ideally, yes. In order to have the whole experience, we recommend committing to the entire day – from mash in to knock out! Should something come up, and you are going to be late (or need to leave early), no big deal – if you can, let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Can I give a Beerleader experience as a gift? What a great idea! Of course. We will contact the email address provided when the order is placed, so be sure we have the correct info.

What should I wear? Please wear flat-soled, nonslip, closed toed shoes, that are either waterproof or that you don’t mind getting wet. Jeans and a tee shirt are fine, and wear or bring a sweatshirt too.

Can I transfer my Beerleader ticket to someone else if I can’t attend? Sure, just send us an email and let us know.

Will we know in advance what the brew will be? We’ll make every effort to let attendees know what the brew will be - and even get their input -  but our production schedule may make that impossible. We’re relying on availability and condition of yeast and other ingredients, so sometimes these are last minute decisions.

How will I know when the beer taps? We’ll send you an email.

What if I want to bring a group of people I know – how many Beerleaders are allowed at each Brew Day? Sounds fun! Right now we’re capping each Beerleader group to a small group of brewers so we can ensure a personalized experience. If you’re interested in scheduling a Beerleader Brew Day buyout for your people, send us a note and let us know. We’ll get back in touch regarding pricing and planning.

What if it rains? What if it’s too hot? Are we still on for the Brew Day? Yes! There could be a circumstance that prevents our ability to brew, but usually weather isn’t it. If we have to cancel for any reason, we’ll reschedule and/or issue refunds promptly.

Will there be other events related to the Beerleader program?  Maybe! This is new for us so we are going to figure a few things out as we grow.

How does my Beerleader discount work?  Just bring your Beerleader glass in to the pub for the entire year of your Beerleader Brew Day (if your Brew Day is in 2019, your glass is your pass for a discount on the Beerleader beers in 2019). If we have a Beerleader beer on tap (even if it isn’t the beer you brewed on your Brew Day), you’ll receive 50% off the price of up to two Beerleader beers per visit. The Beerleader discount is intended only for those who were, you know, actual Beerleaders. We think this is a pretty generous thing and we'd like to keep this aspect of the program, so please be mindful and respectful of it. Please don't abuse it or try to fuss with the system (we do reserve the right to roll this back at any time, but we really don't want that to happen).

 What if I lose/break/giveaway my Beerleader glass – can you give me a new one?We’re sorry to say no to this – we have only made a small quantity of these little gems. Be careful with your glass!