Introducing "Sweet Ride", the first lager from the Bagby Compound. Named after the majestic chariot that safely whisked us to and from the #FWIBF a few weeks ago, this Bohemian-style Pils is light and refreshing and ever so drinkable. Pair it with the smoked chicken and sweet pepper pizza on our specials menu for maximum pleasure.

Timbo and Brandon playing a little "don't flinch" while we wait for Jeff to head out to BNA10. Timmy flinched. 

Handful of these down at The Brewery Network/Whitelabs party this week. 

Pretty common sight at the Rare Barrel table. 

The Creepy Creeps doing their thing at The Brewing Network 10th anniversary. 

Folks have been pretty impressed and gracious with our team washing out every single glass we pour at these most recent festivals. You're welcome, wouldn't want any lingering flavors from other beers hanging around. 

Speaking of White Labs, remember our friends Garage Project? Pete wrote up a nice little article about the process it took to make bossa nova and some surprises they ran into along the way, you should take a second to go read it.