Getting there.

Most Oceanside residents will know that the location we chose to open Bagby Beer was at one point a used car dealership that specialized in SAAB and BMW. What most may not know is that this location also served as a hard-to-find-parts store that supported import car enthusiasts all over Southern California.  To this day, nearly two years later, folks will come by looking for a rare '72 BMW something or other. When we chose this location we tried to preserve and recycle what we could for numerous reasons. The auto shop had hundreds of feet of shelf space housing all those parts and we couldn't dream of trashing all that wood. So instead we cleaned and recycled most of it for paneling throughout Bagby. You'll find this reclaimed wood in both the upstairs and downstairs bars, on the wall in the deck area outside of the tasting room and also, as it was initially purposed, serving as a shelf along the opening to the brew house where you'll be able to rest your beer while hanging in the garden and watch the brewers do their thing.