Pint Project

This past weekend we hosted an amazing event with our friends at the Pint Project who help families of EMS, Fire, Military who are in need of assistance. The most recent event was held for the Mejia Family. Mike is a firefighter with National City Fire Department. He is married to Marin Mejia and they have two beautiful little girls. During this pregnancy, Marin was diagnosed with advanced cancer, staged as 3B. In November, their baby girl was delivered early via C-section so as to not further delay Marin's cancer treatment. She was given a month to recover then began her treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. We were honored to help and even brewed up a very special IPA for the event that made it's debut on that rainy afternoon. We'd like to extend a huge thanks to all the volunteers that made it a successful fund raiser and fun afternoon. *all photos courtesy of our best bud leesa king.