EXPO - 529 We buy some of our hops directly from Roy Farms, they are located in Moxee Washington, and do a very large amount of hop business. We were asked about a month ago if we would/could make a beer with an experimental hop variety that they are developing. They actually gave us a list and we picked one at random.  Because it is still in the experimental stage of its life, it only has a number. 529. It takes about 10 years for a hop to go from experimental to being named and becoming a an actual market variety. The beer we made will be sent up to Portland OR to be poured at an event that the ADHA (American Dwarf Hop Association) is putting on with beers that were brewed with all of the experimental varieties. The beer we brewed is a 5.1% American Extra Pale Ale, "Extra” because it is lighter in color than a traditional American Pale and heading towards the lighter side in abv%. The 529 is the only hop that we used in the batch, it was also dry hopped in the fermenter with the 529.  The beer has a decent bitterness and some different hop flavors and aromas with a slight hint of lemon and maybe some mint and licorice? It is experimental so come try and see what you get out of it. Cheers!