Yesterday we decided to close the Bagby compound for a day and let our entire staff celebrate all of their hard work with an employee only BBQ and cocktail contest. We played games, hung out in the photo booth and had some delicious food courtesy of Mastiff Sausage Company


Sous Chef Tyson and Jeff judging the employee cocktail contest, there were some amazing entires, and the winners will get their drinks featured on our next drink menu which is coming soon. 

The sky was the limit when it came to crafting new cocktails, we're amped to share our newest drinks with you soon! 

Jared doing a bit of QC on the contest entries, judging is hard work. 

Caught Christi and Devin singing some Sonny and Cher tunes on the mini-deck. 

Pretty sure Elise won't ever try to sprinkle chili lime salt right on her tongue ever again. 

Selfie game was strong all day, it's so rad to see how these team members have bonded over the past 12 months. 

Margaret, Elise and cocktail contest winner Scarlett striking one of many poses. 


Clowning around. 

Ladies only. 

"OK, everyone pretend we're on a roller coaster!" 


Assistant brewer Brandon, hard at work on his entry into the contest. 

Jared is stoked on the lunch choices. 

Ryan, one of our original team members enjoying a beer with our newest employees Nanette and Chris. 

Guess who's excited for Chargers football? 

Josh, Albert, Raj and Justino, just a small portion of our amazing back of house team. 


All smiles for this gang today! We're so proud of this team and the rest of our crew, without them our vision for bagby Beer Company would be impossible to execute. They all work so hard, love what they do and we appreciate them all.