Give A Thing, Get A Thing


This idea has been knocking around in our brains for many months – there seems to be no shortage of folks who need help, and in our experience, there are so many of us who are able, in one way or another, to help - even in a small way. And, sometimes donating cash can feel a little impersonal, a little removed, a little less connected than we’d like. If you’re like us, you want to know that the cause we intended to help, is actually realizing the benefit in a tangible way.

We’re on a mission to find Causes or Organizations that need things. Actual, tangible things. Things that require we think about what someone’s needs are – in whatever circumstance they find themselves in. We’re believers in empathy. That when we empathize, when we genuinely put ourselves in another’s position and try to see the world from their view, it is then that we can do the most good.

And, as a company, we want to support this effort by being the hub of just this kind of energy, beyond the physical place to collect needed things that will go on to make a positive impact, we want to be a spot to connect with others that feel the same and that want to give back in this way. And we also want to offer a small treat to everyone who donates – a little token of thanks - for being a good person.

So, what’s the thing we give? It’ll depend. But, it’ll be worthy, we promise.

So, what’s the thing we get? It’ll depend. But, it’ll be good, we promise.

Help us find these causes! Do you know of or are you a part of an organization that needs actual, physical things, that kind folks can gather and then donate?

If so, please let us know about it here.