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welcome to bagby

We make beer. We build cocktails. We serve food.

We like people. And dogs.

Come hang.


bagbyfest 1.19.19

Bagbyfest is part food festival, part beer, wine, and spirits festival! This year’s Bagbyfest is a nod to the classic community tradition that is the winter market, or Marche d’Hiver, throughout much of Europe. These annual gatherings bring together an eclectic and fun collection of seasonal dishes and all kinds of delicious beverages, designed to be enjoyed while strolling through the market outside. We’re using this iconic cultural get together as our inspiration, and it’s going to be a very, very good time!

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The beer, simply put, is why we are here. Our roots run deep in the San Diego craft beer community, and they spread wide, to include our brewer friends throughout California, the west, the midwest, and the east, and extending across the pond to the UK, to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. 

We value excellence, and it is always our goal to exhibit beers that are true to style, that we are proud of, that we love to drink, and that we are honored to share with our comrades all over the world.


Eat Together

Joining together over a terrific meal and fantastic beer, wine, or cocktails is a uniquely human experience. We're proud to be a part of this important daily celebration.