At Bagby Beer Company, we are extremely proud of the set of menu offerings we've developed – we work hard to ensure that they do a good job of reflecting our collective character and showcasing what we value most:

- Quality wins in the end

- Attention to detail matters

- We are inspired by all things creative and handmade

- We are committed to showcasing true craftsmanship in all forms

The Anatomy Of series peeks behind the curtain here at Bagby Beer, and provides a unique look at what we do, and how we do it – we hope you will better understand who we are and the things we believe are the most important. Over time, the Series will highlight a handful of our offerings, from cocktails to food, and – of course – beer, and will serve as a kind of portfolio of our work. 

We also hope it will inspire you: to ask more questions, to be more involved in your dining and drinking experiences, to find people and places that align with what you love most.